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What Makes Us Different?

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Why Our Patients Choose Us

Welcome to

Adult & Pediatric Dental Studio.

Welcome to Adult & Pediatric Dental Studio, your trusted professionals for children’s specialty dentistry, adult cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics – All Under One Roof!

Our talent for working with children is magical. The dentistry we provide for all ages is extraordinary. We go out of our way to deliver a dental experience that stands far above the rest. We have created an extraordinary dental practice that is recognized as the best in the community for providing amazing quality and service to both children and adults in a caring, family environment.

Our Patients Love Us!

Victoria D.

“From start to finish this visit was wonderful! The office is extremely clean and their equipment is state of the art! I can’t say enough good things about my experience. My 10yo daughter also goes to this office, and they make her feel like family. She loves it here. If you’ve been putting off the dentist because you haven’t found an office/dentist you like, LOOK NO FURTHER. It’s right here!”

Kim U.

“Everyone is so kind and gentle. Jodi and Kim have been amazing! They are always helpful and truly care how you are feeling. They are always smiling and make it easier to sit in a dentist care. Dr Kerry and Dr Moran go the extra mile with each patient. They have been extremely helpful during the pandemic and even call me from their home when the office wasn’t open when I needed help. They checked on me often. I highly recommend this dental office for children and adults.”

Courtney G.

“Amazing dental staff, perfect work! The staff here is so warm and kind and Dr Moran’s dental work is absolute perfection. I have been going here all throughout the pandemic and their safety procedures are second to none. I always feel completely safe and well taken care of. Dr Kerry is also amazing with children. Highly recommend for the entire family!”

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What Makes Us Different?

The Dental Studio Difference!

Experience Magic. Experience Extraordinary.

Patient Coaching

We pride ourselves in our ability to explain specific treatments and dental conditions, and will spend as much time as needed to answer your questions.

Great Ambiance

If you thought it was impossible for your child to have fun at the dentist, think again! Our patients love our fun and energetic team and the comfortable environment we create here!

Preventive Approach

By fully explaining the “whys” behind oral health care, we are able to raise the dental IQ of our community and help prevent potential problems and dental disease in the future.

Sophisticated Quality

We are a high-end practice because YOU deserve to be treated with the best technology available! We are able deliver safer, gentler, and an overall better dental experience for you.

Dental Excellence

Our skilled team is exceptionally well-trained and always works to the best of their ability.


Our talented team includes 3 specialties: Pediatric Dentistry, General Dentistry, and Orthodontics – which allows us to offer a multitude of services and meet a number of your family’s dental needs all under one roof.