Today I am going to the dentist to get my teeth checked.

We park in a big parking lot.

I will enter my dentist office.

I will talk to a nice lady behind a big desk.

I will sit in the waiting room and wait for my turn with the other kids.

A girl comes to say hello to me. We walk through a door to go to meet the dentist.

We walk down a long hallway. Everyone we meet is so nice here!

I walk into a fun room with more animal pictures on the walls and two TVs-one TV is on the ceiling!

The nice lady talks to us. I get to choose what flavor toothpaste I want!

This is the chair where I will sit. I have to sit in this chair very still so the dentist can count my teeth.

There is a bright light so I will wear sunglasses. I keep my hands on my belly and I will open my mouth like this dragon.

It is easy. The toothbrush tickles my teeth! The toothpaste tastes good! My teeth are so clean!

They use a little tiny mirror like this to help see all of my teeth.

Dr. Kerry or Dr. Britni come in to check my teeth and count them!

Everyone is so happy with me. I did it!! I get to take home a little bag with a prize and a new toothbrush!

I did a great job at the dentist and now it is time to leave!